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The new look paid homage to his comic book attire and highlighted the growth of the character. Like all others who wore the White Lantern Power Ring in that brief moment, female cosplay Oliver donned a variation of his usual attire. Like others possessed by the Black Lantern, Oliver donned a costume which vaguely resembled his standard attire. Otto’s second Superior Spider-Man costume is also wearable, mortal kombat costumes once unlocked. After his resurrection, Oliver wore his second costume for a long while. On Wednesday, Instagram account theflashinglegends leaked a photo (seen here) of Gustin in a new speedster costume. Portrayed by Justin Hartley, Oliver here is much younger than typically portrayed, and has a longstanding relationship with Lex Luthor.

Much like Rebirth, Oliver’s suit was a celebration of all that had come before, the good and the bad, and took the best elements to make a classic costume with timeless appeal. 100, his costume was also destroyed and Connor took over as Green Arrow until Oliver’s resurrection in 2001. Connor wore this suit for his entire career until he was written out of existence during Flashpoint. Regardless of how the look went over with fans, though, this iteration of Green Arrow was poorly received. Billionaire by day, vigilante by night, Oliver was the first real hero to encounter this iteration of Superman and fight by his side.

Highly reminiscent of that debut film appearance, it harkens back to that moment when the newly-powered hero sought to make a buck using his arachnid abilities to win a local wrestling contest. He donned a sort of Hobo Arrow appearance, sporting a green duster over what appears to be remnants of his previous costume, his trademark feathered cap and an impressive beard. He dropped his bright, verdant costume for a darker, muted green one that substituted his trademark feather cap for a green hood. While most of them were alright, one of the more popular looks from the game was Green Arrow. The new costume is, interestingly, a hybrid of his previous looks. Following DC’s Convergence event, several titles were soft-rebooted and a few costume alterations were made as part of the DCYou initiative. Following Zero Hour and despondent over killing his close friend Hal Jordan to save the universe, suicide squad joker costume Oliver found himself on a journey of discovery and stayed at a monastery alongside Connor Hawke in the brief period where Ollie was unaware he was Connor’s father. Shortly after his best friend Hal Jordan went insane and became Parallax, Oliver Queen died in a plane explosion. Some time afterward, Hal restored his name during the event The Final Night, sacrificing his life to reignite the sun before being reborn as The Spectre.

However, before his death, Hal made one final action with his nigh unlimited power: he resurrected Oliver. However, it was when the trailer for Justice League was released at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, anime costumes that we got to see the new Flash costume for the first time in all its glory. This costume suited Oliver until the climax of season 3, where he destroyed it to join the League of Assassins. Sign up to join our audience and receive email notifications when we publish new content. The suit got a number of small upgrades over the years, starting with a mask from Barry Allen to replace the grease paint the character previously used.

Calling himself The Flash, Barry used these newfound abilities to keep Central City safe with the help of a team comprised of people he trusted. Soon, like previous MCU films, an art book will be released for WandaVision , but that doesn’t mean artists from Marvel Studios won’t keep releasing concept art online. Oliver even maintained his everyman status, recruited to the Justice League exclusively so that he could keep the team grounded. Other times you get the 1997 Justice League of America pilot. When Jack Kirby returned to Captain America in the ’70s, he set out to make over his character by turning everything up to 11: the speed of the stories, the action, and the scale. She sought out her former teacher, Agatha Harkness to learn the truth, and murdered Agatha for the betrayal. Agatha isn’t exactly a wallflower, after all.

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